Build Immunity with Diagnostics and Remediation Automation for Incident Prevention

  • Empower SRE and Devops teams with prebuilt sets of runbooks for Kubernetes and other critical services.
  • Automate health checks diagnostics and enable One-Click remediation for better performance and cost management.
  • Eliminate toil by rolling your own powerful internal tools, or just use ours!

Your service reliability and ability to manage costs downward both correlate directly to your customer satisfaction and business outcomes.

We manage both.

Special Offer for Developerweek 2023. Get $150 for answering 5 questions after running our automation platform free trial.

Two easy steps: 1. Take our automation trial , and 2. fill out the feedback form after the trial.

“unSkript enabled us to implement service health checks that caught problems proactively. Our business teams are seeing the uptime benefits everyday and our SRE team is getting some much needed sleep!”

Varun Agni
Co-Founder, CTO at Bounce

“With unSkript we have been able to automate our runbooks and improve our efficiency. Our vision for a self-service ops portal has been realized and we are saving hours every day by automating our toil!”

Zulfi Ahamed
Director, DevOps at SpectroCloud





Terms and Conditions:
Offer good for first 100 activated trials with feedback starting February 15 – March 31, 2023.
Must have some recent DevOps or SRE job responsibility.
Payout for completed trials with feedback form is $150 USD for each individual.